Adar Private Investigator & Advanced Business Intelligence

.Adar Investigations is an Israel based leader in international investigations and business intelligence
 We specialize in consulting, investigations, information analysis and producing quality reports to organizations, law firms, banks, government agencies and decision makers. We employ veteran private investigators, and adhere to the highest standards, reliability, and discretion. Our office, and our investigators, possess all the required certifications, in Israel and abroad. We offer services such as

.Investigative services and business intelligence to companies in Israel and abroad <

Asset tracking and retrieval, collection of evidence, fraud exposure, supporting civil and criminal legal <

Corporate Internal investigations <

Information security and protection of IP <

Surveillance and exposure of hidden information <

Internal auditing <

Financial, personal and background investigations <

Global Coverage <

We offer global coverage, having trusted representatives around the world – from Israel and Arab countries, through Europe and the US, to Central Asia and Russia. Our connections and abilities in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East, enable our clients to explore business opportunities in depth, and assess risk factors more precisely. We provide quality reports and unique information, obtained through legal and ethical procedures. Our membership in leading professional organization, assures our professionalism and our ability to leverage global professional networks for our clients. We are members of WAD (World Association of Detectives), the Israel PI Association, Israel Chamber of Commerce and other organizations. Do not hesitate – Call NOW. Preliminary consultation is free of charge. CALL NOW:+972 54 200 1419